Redirect chains

Find redirect chains get into the deep understanding and feature the visual representation of it. Get rid of yourself from all crawling difficulties by finding effectively the location of each status code that generates and all other codes showing full HTTP response headers.

Switch user agents

Everyone wants to change quickly between the various agents like mobile devices and desktop browsers. To see the compatibility of site with all kind of browsers and search engine bots you just need to select a user agent and then enter HTTP basic credentials or you may enter name and value under optional request header.

Check Unlimited URLs

Check the status code of unlimited URL in one go. Submit URLs and gives all information even regarding the HTTP response body.

What Users Say?

I use many tools from Its fast and reliable and saves a lot of time while doing On Page audit of website.

Prince Kapoor Prince Kapoor User

I am the author of Postman SMTP, and this tool has been instrumental twice now in debugging issues that my users have had. But the plugin delivered exactly what it said it was going to do and I love that. Five stars. Keep up the good work!

Jason Hendriks Jason Hendriks Wordpress Contributer

I am amazed by the Free tools you guys have! It helps me keeping my On page SEO on the track.

Amit Saxena Amit Saxena User